Shaw House by Patkau Architects

Shaw House by Patkau Architects

Architects: Patkau Architects
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Year: 2000
Area: 3.067 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul Warchol, Undine Prohl

The Shaw house is situated on a tight waterfront property on the south shore of English Bay. Sees from the site stretch over the narrows to include the horizon of downtown Vancouver and, past, the mountains on the north shore of the straight. The house is composed with living spaces at evaluation, a music room beneath, and a solitary room, contemplate, and lap pool above. The pool, with patios at every end, keeps running along the whole west side of the house.


Since the house is so slender, spatial extension is conceivable just outward over the water and upward. Liberal roof statures broaden spaces; a clerestory over the lap pool transmits sunshine and dappled, reflected light profound into the focal spaces, including the lounge area, which ascends from the beginning to the upper level of the house. The passage is specifically under the pool, halfway at the edge of the house. A practically enchanted watery light is transmitted to the passageway range through the water and glass base of the pool.


In the same way as other urban communities on the West Coast, Vancouver is in a range of high seismic danger. A hearty structure is required to oppose the noteworthy horizontal strengths that would come about because of the huge mass of water in the pool in the occasion of a tremor. In this way the house is built completely of fortified cement. A unique thick blend using white bond keeps the structure looking brilliant amid incessant blustery climate. Inside this solid shell, the house is protected and clad with gypsum board. In regions where protection not required, the solid structure is uncovered. Quieted materials and hues – white painted dividers, pale solid floors, precast stair treads, and blanched millwork – permit common light, even the delicate light of winter, to portray the inside.

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