Cabo House by Vanguarda Architects

Cabo House by Vanguarda Architects

Architects: Vanguarda Architects

Location: Cabos del Lago, Nordelta, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Area: 452 sqm

Photo courtesy: Vanguarda Architects


The geometry is illuminated through a basic S-molded collapsed divider that permits the house to be opened to the front and back façade, shutting on its sides above and underneath then again to make the distinctive regions of the format. The right corner of the front, with a seven-meter anticipating rooftop, incorporates the person on foot get to and space for stopping the autos.

DSC_0398 copia

To the back façade, the parlor, lounge area and kitchen are incorporated, trailed by a huge display that interfaces them to appreciate the perspectives onto the greenery enclosure, the pool and the tidal pond that is behind the parcel.

DSC_0333 copia

The ground floor is finished with a study, a latrine and the administration territory: clothing, storeroom, storage space, room and restroom. The upper floor, including the expert suite, the music room and three rooms with the separate administration rooms, opens the perspectives onto the earth and is supplemented by a substantial porch as an afterthough

DSC_0374 copia DSC_0392 copia

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