The rebuilding of Hourglass house by *studioLOOP

Architects: *studioLOOP
Location: Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: *studioLOOP

“This is a rebuilding project for families who have been living in this area for a long time. Hourglass is a house located in Gunma, Japan. On the south of the site there is a rice field spreading, and in the north there is a forest with lots of trees. We put emphasis to the scenery and aimed for passing light and wind abundantly. We proposed a space with high transparency by sandwiching the public space such as living room with glass. Nature is taken in through the courtyard even around the main bedroom and the water arranged on the north side.

The parent’s living is completed on the 1st floor because the 2nd floor is only 2 children rooms, which is like single story house including a guest room. Because the exterior is wrapped in glass or metal, it effectively applied wood finishing spots inside and outside to produce a soft atmosphere. For the family, it has become a completely different residence, but maybe we could propose a construction that can only be done here.”