Apartment on Lva Tolstogo Street by Olga Akulova

Apartment on Lva Tolstogo Street by Olga Akulova

Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

We have got typical one bedroom flat in the postwar house, with two balconies from opposite sides of the build. One of them oriented to an inner yard, we used its space for extension of a guest and a kitchen area. It was important to create an effective use of space, we used every millimeter. We conceived a floor plan with one bedroom, a bathroom and dressing room. The rest was one big open space. The total reconstruction of the flat took a year.

Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-01 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-02 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-03 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-04 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-05 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-06 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-07 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-08 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-09 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-10 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-11 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-12 Apartment-on-Lva-Tolstogo-Street-13

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