Two simple and minimal familial houses with great care for details

Architects: GARDERA-D
Location: Biarritz, France
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: GARDERA-D

“The project is composed of two familial houses joined together on the first floor with covered garages and swimming pools.

The projected houses are set back on the north side of the land and, given the unevenness existing of the street side, their presence from the public domain remains very discreet. The project is based on three parallelepiped volumes in the first floor oriented North-South, between which lower volumes are intercalated in the ground floor.

Using a sliding system, the two entirely glazed volumes offer more rooms, semi finished, forming a true balance between the interior and the exterior. The architecture of the vol-umes is simple and minimal with a great care on the details, the materials used and their withering.”

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