Villa Indigo by Josep Camps and Olga Felip

Villa Indigo by Josep Camps and Olga Felip

Architects:Josep Camps and Olga Felip
Location: Caldes de Malavella, Catalonia, Spain
Size: 1,958 sqft
Photos:Pedro Pegenaute

Smooth and contemporary Villa Indigo planned by designers Josep Camps and Olga Felip is situated in the neighborhood of La Selva at PGA Catalunya Resort.


Completed to an exceptionally exclusive expectation, the fancy property is radiant. Breezy three room manor has two bathrooms, lovely solarium patio, outer lounge area and a celestial, only composed unendingness pool.


Planners has played with wood and glass to make one of a kind light-filled living spaces perfect for loved ones. Select property is spread out more than one level, and the rooms and lobbies all straightforwardly unite with a substantial, faultlessly kept up outside space. Outlined by driving planners Villa Indigo is accessible to lease by means of Paradizo Private Collection.

Villa-Indigo-02 Villa-Indigo-03 Villa-Indigo-04 Villa-Indigo-05-1 Villa-Indigo-05 Villa-Indigo-06 Villa-Indigo-07 Villa-Indigo-08 Villa-Indigo-09 Villa-Indigo-10 Villa-Indigo-12 Villa-Indigo-21

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