Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects

Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects

Architects: Whipple Russell Architects
Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Year: 2013
Size: 6,700 sqft / 622 sqm

This project started with previous customers’ wish to draw back nearer to the city of Beverly Hills. They had discovered a potential property in Trousdale Estates and demonstrated to it to Marc for his recommendation on its conceivable outcomes. The property was in deterioration; had an uneven floor plan, and gabled rooftops that did not fit the customer’s vision of a present day home.


The objective, obviously, was to amplify the perspectives while making liquid sufficiently bright spaces that would both serve and mirror the lives of the tenants. Marc saw an approach to stay inside of the Trousdale Estates’ single story 14-foot tallness confinement and still give openness and a dynamite view.


The whole center of the house was upgraded to include an open arrangement, high roofs and a smooth level rooftop. The front entryway, flanked by expansive glass boards opens to a wide section a flawless stage for a piano – and gives an open sight line over the living range, however 12-foot glass dividers and 8-foot glass sliding pocket entryways, to the yard and pool. The customers do a ton of enlivening and required a kitchen that was interested in the living and open air spaces. Rooms are negligibly characterized utilizing tall boards, specially recolored in a rich espresso bean cocoa, that appear differently in relation to the light dividers, spaces suited to work of art.


The warm innovation the customers needed was accomplished with an amicable utilization of materials as kitchen, feasting, amusing and lounge spaces stream effectively into each other. In the living zone a substantial screen TV and chimney are recessed into divider measured field of Portico Slate tile by SOLI. In the kitchen, the island and ledges are Caesarstone in Lagos Blue and cupboards have an acrylic lacquered wrap up.


Expansive glass pocket entryways open to the outside from both kitchen and living regions, where there is a yard bar, discussion ranges and a tabletop chimney all enclosing the pool. The expert suite likewise opens to the pool however expansive sliding glass boards. To make a vantage point for the best view, a rooftop porch was constructed on the expert suite, available from the pool territory. The expert patio gives space to diverting, sunbathing, a round of table tennis, and a view the distance to the Pacific. Beneath, the expert wing offers a library/parlor, and a home theater. Alongside the room, the expert shower proceeds with the utilization of cocoa with the tile in the expert shower – a bushel weave design from SOLI. Nearby is an open storage room/dressing zone.

Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects

As there is an artist in the family, the customers needed to discover space for a full music studio; Marc discovered it by burrowing down and finding the studio underneath the engine court. It incorporates a different control room, sound stall for vocal recording, and following room, a soundproofed desert spring for creation.

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