Modern Villa 4.0 by Dick van Gameren Architecten

Modern Villa 4.0 by Dick van Gameren Architecten

Architects: Dick van Gameren Architecten
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Primabeeld

Supportability is an idea that has been significant in educating all parts of the outline, development and day by day utilization of the house. Instead of make a symbol of supportability, the thought was to consider for all intents and purposes and practically at each stride how the house could be minimum saddling on the earth in both the short and the long haul. Key purposes of flight were most extreme reuse of constructed components and materials as of now on location and the utilization of durable and demonstrated strategies to accomplish the least conceivable vitality utilization. The customers see an economical house not as the end of the story but rather as a persuasive goad to a lifestyle that places sympathy toward humanity and nature and consideration of our planet at middle of everyone’s attention.



The outline ventures off from the current house, so that alongside exhaustively enhancing the nature of both space and building execution it benefits as much as possible from the materials as of now on location. Segments of the current house that must be uprooted have been reused somewhere else in the configuration where conceivable. Rooftops and veneers have been protected or reinsulated (R Value 3.5). The floor too has been protected (R Value 3) and completed with a smooth ceaseless solid deck floor on pressure safe protection. The old wood edges have been supplanted with new aluminum-surrounded veneer units of protected glass (U Value 1.1).


Vitality and indoor atmosphere

A story warming framework has been laid into the new solid deck floor that can warmth or cool the rooms utilizing low temperature warming (water < 35°C). A second framework has been introduced in the room roofs to encourage extra cooling in summer. The whole framework is encouraged by a warm stockpiling unit. All rooms can be directed separately.


Self-produced vitality is not being dealt with as a possibility until further notice. The encompassing trees imply that there is much shade for a huge piece of the year and little wind. The piece of the rooftop that catches the sun throughout the entire year is given with a sun based kettle to boiling hot water offices (head channel framework).


Ventilation of the house is commenced on the characteristic course of air all through the building. Ventilation units in the external dividers make it conceivable to control the precise amount of air entering the building. In summer, ventilation can be ventured up utilizing a mechanical release framework as a part of the rooftop lights of the focal corridor. Of the two spaces with a considerable measure of coating, the kitchen has a glass sliding rooftop and the parlor a rooftop incubate that takes into account extra ventilation in warm climate. The ventilation units empower the house to be circulated without leaving windows and entryways open.


Another wellspring of cooling is by method for a rooftop top pump that draws up water from the stream and showers it onto the rooftop. The water then streams once more into the rivulet. There is a high effectiveness wood blazing stove in the kitchen, fuelled with wood from the greenhouse. The warmth yield bolsters the warmth pump, accordingly decreasing the vitality utilization of the warm stockpiling framework. The house’s open design guarantees that warmth from the stove can spread all through the house. The lounge warms up rapidly in winter by being focused toward the south and having all-glass exteriors, and along these lines serves as a warmth hotspot for the house overall.



Every living space get light from more than one bearing. Capacity units, bathrooms and other subordinate spaces additionally get light, some of it circuitous. All manufactured lighting is LED-based.


A significant part of the furniture is inherent and where conceivable made of economical materials:

– wood floors and closets: bamboo

– kitchen cabinets: Ecoplex (poplar) cover

– settees in the family room and kitchen, blinds in the nurseries: fleece filt

– floor covering in the indented sitting range: bamboo


Water and garden

Water on the rooftops is keep running off straightforwardly into the rivulet. All waste water (greywater) is keep running off into a tank where it is sanitized naturally and afterward released into the stream. Just biodegradable purifying specialists are utilized as a part of the house. The new garden format is educated however much as could reasonably be expected by the replanting of existing trees and bushes. This gives a more noteworthy openness additionally more protection where this is required. The greenery enclosure is sprinkled solely with water from the rivulet. An electric yard cutter robot keeps the grass at the right tallness, and the planting in the greenery enclosure can be tended without the requirement for herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

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