Fray Leon House by 57 Studio

Fray Leon House by 57 Studio

Architects: 57 Studio
Location: Santiago, Chile
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: 57 Studio, Caco Oportot, Guy Wenborne

This is a living arrangement for a family who searches for a more broad territory and ampler spaces, without leaving the conventional neighborhood where it has lived for right around 30 years. Situated on the east side of Santiago, the fundamental qualities of the area are the vicinity of old development trees and colossal parts with houses that have a constrained connection with the road.


Taking out an old building and regarding the local trees with significant vicinity and arranging quality on the site, the spaces are sorted out on a “H” structure plant with a second level over the focal wing, taking after the same space connection example of the house that the family left. This “H” structure space appropriation adjusts well to the site structure without touching the trees and making distinctive porches that bridle their vicinity from the inside.


The inside spaces are composed around a local tree (Cryptocaria alba) that goes with the entrance from the south. Through the lobby, the vicinity of a gigantic avocado tree (Persea Yankee folklore) is surrounded towards the north, and a private wing towards the east is delimited by an old macrocarpa cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) and some crape myrtles. Over the focal wing, a second private level reaches out in the majority of its length, leaving toward one side a patio at the stature of the tree’s crowns.


On the west wing, the general population spaces open towards the northern greenhouse through a patio, and the administration ranges coordinate their perspective towards an ashleaf maple (Acer negundo). The wing of administrations develops towards the south by method for a rooftop with an opening that encompasses a local Crinodendron patagua that isolates the shut carport from whatever remains of the house.


The swimming pool is found towards the west on the site’s most reduced point, where the ground drop accommodates one of its fringes, articulating its vicinity to whatever is left of the greenery enclosure.


The house is gone before by a broad cleared esplanade that, being asked for as an open guest’s stopping zone, draws out the methodology of the guest towards the principle access where the Cryptocaria alba picks up a noteworthy vicinity.

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