The Vivienda 19 by A-cero

The Vivienda 19 by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Year: 2009
Area: 17,222 sqft
Photo courtesy: Luis Hernandez Segovia

A-cero building design studio, oversaw by Joaquín Torres, presents its most moderate venture. This house is situated in a lavish domain of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). It is one of the hundred lodgings that you can discover effectively implicit this selective lodging advancement: a range with wide green spaces, lakes and spectaculars houses, which have been composed by A-cero.


The structure of this new house is made of clear volumes, straight lines and simples shapes. The house’s front is made of marble travertino and there are numerous windows in it. Both components give a great deal of gentility to the house.


It has a surface territory of 1.600 m2 and three stories (storm cellar, ground and high floor). The structure adjusts to the incline (4000 m2) where the house is. The carport and administration spaces are in the cellar, while the most open spaces (lounge, lounge area, parlor… ) are in the first floor. Rooms and more private rooms are in the high floor.


A-cero has composed additionally a 80 m2 dynamite and geometric swimming pool. It fits with the perfect construction modeling of this A-cero project.

Vivienda-19-04 Vivienda-19-05 Vivienda-19-06-0 Vivienda-19-06-1 Vivienda-19-06 Vivienda-19-07 Vivienda-19-08 Vivienda-19-09 Vivienda-19-10 Vivienda-19-11 Vivienda-19-12 Vivienda-19-13 Vivienda-19-14 Vivienda-19-15 Vivienda-19-16 Vivienda-19-17-1 Vivienda-19-17 Vivienda-19-18-1 Vivienda-19-18 Vivienda-19-19-11-2 Vivienda-19-19-11-3 Vivienda-19-19 Vivienda-19-20-1 Vivienda-19-20 Vivienda-19-23 Vivienda-19-24 Vivienda-19-25 Vivienda-19-26 Vivienda-19-27-1 Vivienda-19-27 Vivienda-19-28-1 Vivienda-19-28 Vivienda-19-29 Vivienda-19-31-1 Vivienda-19-31 Vivienda-19-32 Vivienda-19-33 Vivienda-19-34 Vivienda-19-35 Vivienda-19-40 Vivienda-19-41 Vivienda-19-42

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