Dani Ridge House by Carver + Schicketanz

Dani Ridge House byCarver + Schicketanz

Architects: Carver + Schicketanz
Location: Big Sur, California, USA
Photos: Robert Canfield

To cover this home from its tough neighbors a rack was cut into the tight cut of prairie situated between a frontage road on one side and the precarious slants of the West Coast on the other. The tough area stretches out as a green rooftop over the underground divides of the home-ending on the delicately bended top of the lounge room.


All utilities, including the 5000 gallon water stockpiling tank, were put in underground in request to protect the encompassing scene.

Dani-Ridge-House-01 Dani-Ridge-House-02 Dani-Ridge-House-03 Dani-Ridge-House-04 Dani-Ridge-House-05 Dani-Ridge-House-06 Dani-Ridge-House-07 Dani-Ridge-House-08 Dani-Ridge-House-09 Dani-Ridge-House-11 Dani-Ridge-House-12 Dani-Ridge-House-13 Dani-Ridge-House-14 Dani-Ridge-House-15

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