Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura

Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura

Architects: Dom Arquitectura
Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 818 sqft / 76 sqm
Photo courtesy: Jordi Anguera

The introduction and position of the house/studio have been considered keeping in mind the end goal to exploit the site’s accessible assets and climatic conditions, lessening its ecological effect, vivacious utilization and enhancing its inside solace. The house has a rectangular arrangement. Its more extended side is arranged south, and has the greatest openings to catch radiation amid winter months while shielded from the sun amid summer.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-01
The other 3 rises are somewhat hazy, with couple of openings on the northern façade, which will make characteristic cross ventilation amid summer. The smaller rectangular volume is just punctured at the patio and yard, which take into consideration those two spaces to be secured and ensured by the rooftop overhang. The smallness adds to the vitality decrease requests.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-02
The south height has the greatest and best-ensured openings against summer sunrays. The studio opening is secured by 2mts of rooftop shade that counteract direct radiation amid the most sizzling season. The enormous opening at the family room is planned in accordance with the external divider; in this manner, a 1mt profound sunshade shade composed in wood is put above it, to shield it from direct daylight amid summer. The overhangs’ configuration and situation, permit the winter sunrays to enter the inside spaces helping the warming of the same.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-03
The temperature and weight contrasts in the middle of south and north veneers, create a tender cross ventilation through the openings at both these heights. The openings, greater at the southern façade, support the warm control of the inside spaces. Particularly amid the late spring months, the characteristic cross ventilation will advantage the cooling of the fundamental spaces. The building innovation and structural components utilized, and also the general introduction and regular cross ventilation, result in crisp, faint and breathable insides amid the mid year months.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-04
The house is put on a south situated steep slant. Existing is a more established structure of cement pilotis and steel bars that will be utilized as building establishments. The development will in this way be lifted over the regular landscape, minimizing its ecological effect. The timber innovation picked, has permitted the exact outline and estimation of every last component. All materials are locally accessible and found inside of the adjacent territory, which has diminished transportation costs and will take into account a less demanding reuse later on. These outline moves have advanced assets and decreased waste, CO2 discharges and the general natural effect. The sort of materials utilized is of low carbon emanation, with low dim vitality creation and nursery impact.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-05
7 water tanks have been set underneath the house. These can hold up to 10 cubic meters of water gathered from rooftops and outside asphalts. The water will later be utilized for watering system of the yards and the greenery enclosure.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-06
A kitchen patio nursery has been intended to permit more prominent independence of the house occupants. Exploiting the site and its indigenous habitat, a greenery enclosure has been arranged in a level augmentation joined to the house, where natural and sound vegetables will be planted. Adjacent, a little honey bees house has been assembled for the every day creation of nectar.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-07
Sun oriented Panels have been set on the rooftop to create ACS for the restroom, lessening vitality utilization from the lattice. In the long run the studio will be utilized as a house creating ACS every day.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-08
The development procedure is situated in pre-assembled timber parts. It is natural and dependable with the earth. The timber utilized is recyclable, reusable, light and simple to motorize. The framework utilized for this venture is a light auxiliary structure in red pine wood. Because of the topographical area, and the site, the sum total of what pieces have been gathered in situ while premade to gauge in a workshop, encouraging its vehicle and sign up.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-09
All the timber originates from the Catalan Pyrenees, utilizing nearby materials to decrease transport and utilization. Every wooden piece have been ensured with the CE and CTB AWN TIMBER stamp and have the PEFC accreditation. These guarantee a feasible administration of the woodland assets.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-10
Wood is the main material that decreases CO2 emanations up to practically invalid once collected and development finished. The dividers’ warm transmittance is of U=0.268 and the rooftops’ is of U=0.207 coming to an A+ vivacious capability. The imperviousness to fire of the structure is RF=30. The inside completions are made in a three-layered plywood with pine complete, and the outside completions is in autoclaved treated fir wood.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-11
Timber is the primary material utilized for auxiliary purposes and also for the vast majority of the inside and outside completions. By the by the inside asphalts are composed in tile, the main asphalt coating offered in the business sector made essentially of renewable crude regular materials.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-12
Warm protection forestalls heat misfortunes amid winter and picks up amid summer because of a legitimate insurance. The decision of timber as a principle material assumes a part in the general protection of the development. Timber has low warm conductivity, around 0.13. Likewise, we have set 16cm thick (rather than the customary 5cm utilized as a part of the zone) protection in a characteristic and biodegradable material. The material picked is wood fiber with a 0.043W/mK warm conductivity and 50kg/m3 thickness. The protection wraps around the entire development with 12cm in heights and 12 in floors and roofs.
Sant Cugat Wood Studio House by Dom Arquitectura-13The development framework utilized outfits the house with a very protecting skin. These sorts of frameworks require an in number seal at each joint and opening making in such a way a legitimately watertight and consistent layer. This will keep any air getaway or warm scaffold and will lessen vitality waste. Around the entire house external layer, a breathable layer is put to permit the inside spaces to inhale taking into account steam to go outside yet not inside, avoiding buildups and humilities.

The house access is put on its eastern side, where a passage stage is put under a spread patio. The inside fundamental space is a family room with access to a washroom put on the development’s northwest corner. At the back we discover the studio space, outwardly isolated by a stack while still transparent. The studio has a secured patio arranged south. The general conveyance takes into account changes extra minutes, in the end shutting off the studio space and making a different room. The implicit storerooms can conceivably be changed into a kitchenette, changing the utilization of the present studio into a little cabin.

Tall outside openings are executed with a superb confining with warm scaffold breaking innovation and twofold coating with low emanation layers. The coating utilized is of low warm transmittance (U=1.5W/mk) more prominent assurance than the CTE regulations. Furthermore they are put on top of warm protection breaking any conceivable warm scaffold in the middle of outside and inside.

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