Classic exterior and modern interior of T House in Ha Noi, designed by ABS Corporation

Classic exterior and modern interior of T House in Ha Noi, designed by ABS Corporation

Architects: ABS Corporation
Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Xuan Son

“This project is located in a neighborhood which is comprehensively planned with the strict regulation about the exterior. For this reason, the architecture of the outer is carefully considered to moderately adjust in a way to balance with the surroundings.


In contrary, the inner space and landscape of the villa is completely changed in comparison with previous design to provide a better environment for the user. A pretty lake is designed embracing the house, which seems to blur the line between the inside and the outside. An attic is added to optimize the vastness of second floor.


The architect proposes to organize the vertical circulation in the center of the building to connect every floor from the basement to the attic. Powder room is put in the ground floor, and the first staircase is followed the feng shui principles. In Asian culture, the owner really believes in feng shui, so the architect needs to collaborate with a feng shui master to get the project built.


The purpose is not only to make this complex core impressive but also to free the ground floor space. The spiral steel staircase satisfies the multipurpose in this case. Besides, a large glass floor allows daylight entering a dry garden in the basement”

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