Why Choose Roller Shades for Your Home

Why Choose Roller Shades for Your Home

Roller shades are a classic window treatment choice. They offer a range of advantages and benefits while also seamlessly fitting into any space. They are both versatile and timeless, making them a great place to start when looking to freshen up a room.

What Are Roller Shades?

If you’re looking for new window treatments you’ve probably heard the term “roller shades”. If you’re not sure what that means, just know that roller shades are exactly what they sound like: they’re window treatments which have a rolling mechanism with a length of fabric attached to it. You pull them down to lower when they’re drawn and when they’re up they wrap around a roll at the top of the window. They are a classic style which can easily be adapted to a number of different décor styles. Thanks to their adaptability they are offered in a range of top-treatment options including a variety of aluminum cassettes, fascias, and fabrics so they can easily fit into any home.

Why Choose Roller Shades?

There are a number of reasons to choose roller shades:

  • Timeless: Roller shades are a classic style which won’t go out of style.
  • Clean Look: They have a sleek look with clean lines that keeps them from looking bulky and overpowering a room.
  • Energy Efficient: Nearly every fabric can be made into roller shades. This includes energy efficient fabrics which will help fight drafts. You can also lower your roller shades during peak sunlight hours to avid a greenhouse effect and the need to turn on the air conditioning.
  • Privacy: Roller shades can easily be lowered so you have control over your home’s privacy.
  • Easy to Control: These blinds are simple to use and control. They can be controlled by hand and some roller blinds suppliers even have remote controls available to make it easier.
  • Safety: There are no cords attached to these blinds which can be dangerous choking hazards for children and pets.
  • Limitless Design Choices: As we’ve already touched on, the simple and timeless design of roller blinds means that they come in a range of colours and patterns. You can find one for your house without issue.
  • They Look Great Anywhere: Roller blinds smart design means that they can easily be used in formal and casual settings alike.
  • Easy to Clean: Roller shades are easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Roller Shades

There are some other benefits that roller shades offer in addition to those offered above:

  • Ability to Disappear: Window treatments like curtains will always be seen. Even when they are drawn they will still line the edges of the windows. Roller blinds, on the other hand, disappear when they’re not in use because they are rolled to the top of the window, out of sight.
  • Solar Shades: If you have large windows which create a greenhouse effect you should consider getting roller shades which are also solar shade. They come in a see-through fabric which light can still filter through and you can see the view but still regulates the temperature of your home.
  • Easy to Control: No more tricky cords that get tangled! Roller shades can come with a cordless application and motorization options.
  • Dual Shades: You don’t have to choose between transparent solar shades and more privacy-providing options. Some roller blind suppliers offer a two-in-one roller shade option. This way you get the best of both worlds.
  • Black-Out Options: Consider blackout roller shades for the bedroom. They’ll block out all light pollution to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Fabric Options: Roller shades come in nearly every fabric you can imagine. This makes them a perfect choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms alike.

Convenience & Motorization

Roller shades can be easily motorized and incorporated into a smart home. You can stick with a classic remote controller, but they can also be hooked up to systems like Alexa and even be controlled from your phone. With these options, you can hook them up to a schedule which opens and closes them according to peak sunlight hours, or control them from work. It’s simple to set up and you can even get a professional to do the work.

Cordless Control

Blind cords are choking hazards for children and pets. It’s always a good idea to limit potential dangers as much as possible. Take advantage of roller blinds cordless options for the safety of your household. You can go the motorization route too for increased convenience and control.

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