Modern Concrete Golf House by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos

Modern Concrete Golf House by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos

Architects: Luciano Kruk Arquitectos
Location: La Costa Partido, Argentina
Year: 2015
Area: 2,950 ft²/ 274 m²
Photo courtesy: Daniela Mac Adden

Golf House is geologically situated at the focal point of Costa Esmeralda, an area 13 km (8 mi) north of the ocean side resort of Pinamar. Geologically lying on most elevated region of the area, both the front and the back of the area plot append a golf court that, alongside the — chiefly wild—local vegetation, create its prompt environment. Initially, the plot of area was encircled by a virgin rise, the slant of which developed in stature far from the road, and that the Studio proposed to protect.


The commission comprised of a country estate that could be occupied all through each of the four seasons of the year and that required little upkeep. The brief called for three auxiliary rooms (two sharing an outer restroom and an ensuite one), and a main room, totally autonomous of the others, served by another lavatory and in open connection with a space that could be utilized both as a private lounge and an artistic creation atelier.


The couple’s range ought to be a quiet safe house, outwardly associated with its common habitat and firmly identified with an open air expansion. This range of the house, alongside the collective social spaces ought to assume the main parts in the house. Likewise, it was expressed that the local vegetation ought to be saved and the stunning perspectives amplified.


The Studio proposed a house totally appeared in uncovered solid, whose honorable stylish expression permits a conscious dialog with its environment. The structural system went for arranging the diverse practical prerequisites unmistakably assembled in three unadulterated volumes situated freely of each other and set at various levels.


With its back half covered under the rise, the lower volume stops the passage hall and the auxiliary rooms. Alongside a block remaining inverse — serving as a distribution center—, it bolsters the crystal bound to house the elements of the family’s exercises. Containing the main room, the third volume remains at most extreme stature, consequently fulfilling the customer’s prerequisite of security.


With respect to general task, it went for misusing the perspectives, and in the meantime keeping away from lost the vital conservation of the rooms’ closeness, which is a trademark test of contemporary coated design.


The volume lodging the social ranges is the most outwardly penetrable one, not only because of the straightforwardness of its skin, additionally because of its being parallel to the road (in spite of the other two, that were set oppositely) and falling once again into the part.


The social crystal possessed the most extreme building width and rose to the largest amount of the hill at the back of the plot of area, in this way increasing 180° perspectives over the golf court, open perspectives over the area, and a fitting camouflage from the road.


Keeping in mind the end goal to better strengthen the volume’s protection, it was chosen that oceanic pines ought to be planted in the space lying between the building and the street and vertical sunshades be introduced, that likewise decreased the daylight frequency from the west inside. Similarly, the daylight vertical rate from the north was controlled by the flat overhang — cantilever pieces—, which solidly joined to vertical segments work similarly as the brise-soleils at the front. Satisfactorily autonomous from the rest, the third volume, similar to a gun, catches perspectives of the removed ocean skyline.


While the social region opens frontwards into a patio post, a greater, more private extension on the other side undertakings the lounge and feasting region outwards. Giving asylum from the sun and the downpour, the main room’s volume hangs over a large portion of this extension. Each deck was worked with quebracho wood and adds to bring down the sun occurrence over the rooms they lie on through their being marginally disconnected from the solid.


The confronting dividers less influenced by the sun beams (arranged toward the southwest) were thermally disconnected with an inside covering made of kiri wood. This covering was likewise utilized on the segments that backing the backrests of the beds, so that the solid’s harshness is mollified in the most private zones.


Other than inactive sun control gave by the house’s engineering itself, and with a specific end goal to permit Golf House to be lived in during the time as the official asked for, Split ventilation systems and transmitting floors were introduced.

Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-13The crystals’ mien went for organizing the house as a post antiquity made out of volumes set around an articulating pivot: vertical flow. The extent of their covering and the in part underground passage entryway was to bring down the tallness and moderate the visual effect of the entire building. The huge ranges and the shades called for by this volumetric dispersion were just conceivable by method for the utilized strengthened cement’s auxiliary properties.
Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-14 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-15 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-16 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-17 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-18 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-19 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-20 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-21 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-22 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-23 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-24 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-25 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-26 Modern-Concrete-Golf-House-by-Luciano-Kruk-Arquitectos-27

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