Casey Key Guest House by TOTeMS Architecture

Casey Key Guest House by TOTeMS Architecture

Architects: TOTeMS Architecture
Location: Sarasota Bay, Florida, USA
Photos: William Speer, George Cott PhotographyGreg Wilson Group

The visitor home, situated on an obstruction island, is set inside of a full grown oak loft along Sarasota Bay. The wooden structure was motivated by two components.

Casey-Key-Guest-House-01To begin with, the Owner’s one sentence program which read, “… regard the area, and the rest will take after”. Also, the live oak trees which were molded by the beach front winds from the west, impacted the basic type of the visitor house.


The Owner asked for a “house in the trees.” A little program, including one room, shower, living region with kitchenette, and a space, is sorted out to give protection between a neighboring property toward the north, while offering wide perspectives of the oak loft, and Intercoastal Waterway. Glulam pillars were chosen for their capacity to envelop the structure around the space. The covered pine bars, which bend over the whole space, obscure the qualification in the middle of divider and rooftop. The outcome is an open structure toward the east and west, yet strong and private toward the north.


The ground floor incorporates a little storage space for kayaks, and a secured Ipe deck. The space inside, characterized basically by the bended bars, insinuates the amphibian sound environment, and wooden pontoon body development. Boat lap cypress siding is utilized to clad the outside dividers and inside bended divider.


The visitor house is situated in a profoundly controlled FEMA surge zone requiring hoisted floor levels. To protect the oak’s wellbeing loft, the house is bolstered on a specific steel heaping establishment framework intended to evade root unsettling influence and minimize sub evaluation effects to the oaks. Therefore, all current trees were safeguarded.


The outline is planned to bring out a natural building design that is impacted by, and intelligent of its site.

Casey-Key-Guest-House-10-1 Casey-Key-Guest-House-10 Casey-Key-Guest-House-21 Casey-Key-Guest-House-22-1 Casey-Key-Guest-House-22-2 Casey-Key-Guest-House-22 Casey-Key-Guest-House-23

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