Architects Home and Office in Bangalore by BetweenSpaces

Architects Home and Office in Bangalore by BetweenSpaces

Architects: BetweenSpaces
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Year: 2015
Area: 2,600 ft²/ 242 m²
Photo courtesy: Kunal Bhatia

Based on a 30’x40′ North confronting plot in the city of Bangalore, the project obliges the Architects own home on ground and first floor level and her studio space on the upper two levels, with a different access to the studio in the North East corner.


The spatial arranging of the house is done keeping in mind the end goal to exploit the continuous perspective towards the tree lined road on the northern side. Attributable to the tight site condition and absence of security from the neighbor’s property, the two rooms in the SW corner open out into a twofold stature eating zone with an unmistakable story window for ventilation and bay window above for normal light.


The two levels of the studio have been outwardly associated with a focal cut out over the holding up territory. The format has been intended to encourage an open studio society, making spaces which will empower associations between the colleagues and the central designers. The whole width of the studio space in the Northern side has 10 work stations and has been translated as a secured veranda diminishing the line between within and outside.


The north side 20’x8′ sliding aluminum coated window with an outside defensive layer of punctured sheet shade boards and sliding/collapsing component permits common light, perspective of the road scape and ventilation into the house and the studio space.


The undertaking was a fascinating activity to see how the building collaborates with the road. The precast solid balances encasing a little garden on the NE corner and characterizing the passageway lobby conveys the building closer to the road. The solid blades, the wire cut block dividers in rodent trap security and the punctured metal sheet sliding collapsing shades add certain toughness to the building and in the meantime bring gentility into the structure. The straightforward procedure of a solitary material (punctured sheet screens) helped in accomplishing an extremely negligible yet dynamic façade. The inside outline of the workplace space and the home is an augmentation of the design style of the building and at each conceivable crossroads; we have attempted to keep the materials in their characteristic structure however much as could reasonably be expected. The furniture units are more like items kept in the forefront of the building shell from inside.


Privately obtained wire cut and furnace blazed blocks, IPS flooring (in studio levels), Yellow oxide flooring, rock stones has been utilized. The smooth two conditioned overlay complete inherent furniture’s in the living arrangement lay in charming appear differently in relation to the structure complete solid pieces, bars and the unplastered block dividers.


In the workplace level, the two units on either side of the gathering range divide the meeting room in the SW corner and the studio space in the northern side. Both these units however physically isolate the spaces, are outwardly permeable and twofold as stockpiles and book shelves.The framing to encase the storeroom and printing region is done in pine wood over employ base. The space under the stairs heading off to the upper level has been used as the material library and server rack. The gathering room has a profound unit with level document drawers to store vast drawing sheets and stationeries. The compositions of the materials are continually repudiating, yet tend to show certain feeling of visual attachment. The sal wood posts emphasize the moderately dull and light grained finger jointed elastic wood boards. 4mm shadow crevices has been presented between two layers of materials of same or diverse kind adding a character to the surfaces.The upper floor which opens out to a porch space has been left for future extension.


Atypical to any configuration approach, the venture shows a solid feeling of yearning to make tracks in an opposite direction from the authoritative opinion of façade design by reacting to our grass root standards of keeping it basic, drawing in and mixing material palette with contemporary hint. It is our endeavor to get a cut of that obtained scene from the road and a cut of sky for ourselves in the tight urban condition.

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