Blue Ridge Residence by Voorsanger Architects

Blue Ridge Residence by Voorsanger Architects

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Photo courtesy: Elizabeth Felicella

This residence is located on a 200-acre farm in Virginia’s Albermarle County. The views of the pewter-hued Blue Ridge Mountains are organized perpendicularly to the linear movement through the house. This two-fold movement involving the body and the eye splits the overall volume into elongated and asymmetrical pavilions, thus breaking and lifting the bent planes of the roof.


This splays the axis into a glass-covered path. The prow of the private pavilion swims in the canopy of the surrounding woods. The large expanses of glass of the public pavilion allow for an uninterrupted enjoyment of the view.

Blue-Ridge-Residence-02 Blue-Ridge-Residence-03 Blue-Ridge-Residence-04 Blue-Ridge-Residence-05 Blue-Ridge-Residence-06 Blue-Ridge-Residence-07- Blue-Ridge-Residence-07-1 Blue-Ridge-Residence-08- Blue-Ridge-Residence-09- Blue-Ridge-Residence-10- Blue-Ridge-Residence-21- Blue-Ridge-Residence-22- Blue-Ridge-Residence-23 Blue-Ridge-Residence-24 Blue-Ridge-Residence-25

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