Casa Bosques by Original Vision LTD

Casa Bosques by Original Vision LTD

Architects: Original Vision LTD
Location: Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong, China
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Original Vision LTD

Casa Bosques is in fact the ‘house in the woods’. The garage quickly sets the tone with the backwoods covering developing as one methodologies. These full grown trees are the vital element to which each living space, both inside and out, allude to. It is the ever-introduce greenness that makes Casa Bosques extraordinary.


The principle inside volume relates and connects straightforwardly with the different open air components. Sliding glass entryways, retractable shades, collapsing wall dividers, the swimming pool and a plenitude of foliage all work together to make a rich and variable group of spaces and works that obscure the line between the inside and the patio nursery and the woodland past.

Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-02 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-03 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-04 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-05 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-06 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-07 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-08 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-09 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-10 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-11 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-12 Casa-Bosques-by-Original-Vision-LTD-13

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