Y House by Ofist

Y House by Ofist

Architects: Ofist
Location: Golkoy, Bodrum, Turkey
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Ofist

In a few spots on earth there’s insufficient ground to hang on and get propelled of when outlining, yet Bodrum is unquestionably not one of those spots. Disregarding the rich society and topographical setting, the neighborhood values, materials and structural methodologies, Mandarin Oriental’s building plan thought of a usual cutting edge outline staying which can mix in any current city like Los Angeles, Sydney or Dubai, however not in Bodrum.


Y House is arranged in this abode of Mandarin Oriental Residences in Golkoy, Bodrum. Whilst Mandarin’s detached methodology from nearby setting, our task’s primary drive was to mediterranize henceforth to make a house concordant with the neighborhood society and topographical connection. A house to be utilized whenever during the time by a family with two young people. Straightforward yet refined, plain yet rich.


Normal materials like wood, iron and stone were connected with nearby taste. The slate utilized on the dividers, textured mortar dividers, strip decorations on the roofs are reviewing the conventional applications. Underneath the plain, high roofs in the living region, a drifting pannel as a second layer was put into practice as a model of an old, conventional wooden organized roof.


What’s more, obviously, the objective was to assemble every one of these materials and approaches together in approaches to satisfy the contemporary needs of a present day family once a day.


An unusal additional eagerness for us was to work with a family who is in pret a doorman business for a considerable length of time, taking after the design inclines and styles, learned on fabrics and methods. Subsequently comprehending what they need or what they long for, possibly more imperative; having the capacity to characterize it. With only one ‘mind-set board’ they had readied (as they expression it in their design business), we realized what they had at the top of the priority list and their desires. Amid all the outline process it was likewise fascinating to feel the distinction between the quick devouring style plan and the long lead structural configuration. It was energizing to interface the stylish pieces, hues, thoughts with our more settled methodologies which are somewhat attempting to avoid patterns. Furthermore figuring out that they are some way or another insepperable or unavoidable…

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