Oxlade Drive House by James Russell Architect

Oxlade Drive House by James Russell Architect

Architects: James Russell Architect
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2013
Area: 2.260 sqft / 210 sqm
Photo courtesy: Toby Scott

The Oxlade Drive House is arranged in a low lying zone at the southern tip of New Farm landmass in Brisbane. The house and patios are raised marginally above characteristic ground to manage flooding of the Brisbane River, flooding which happened amid its development in 2010.


An unobtrusive spending plan is a piece of a large portion of our tasks. For this situation the clients were considering a Metricon house. An essential three bed house for $450,000.


With a financial plan 20% over that of a theoretical home we could rub territories to include:
– A spot for Matt to work or loved ones to sit tight;
– A home that is socially intelligent inside of family and to the more extensive group;
– A home that will adapt to sun, rain and surge for 50 to 100 years with little upkeep;
– A home that is agreeable all year without mechanical warming or cooling.


The house is arranged as a progression of two story structures that summary the profundity of the square, each isolated by a patio containing scene, gathering spaces and a pool.


The outside face of structures and yards (dividers and rooftop) are secured by shade material. The shade material secured yards give insurance from sun, creepy crawlies and neighboring unit pieces.


The hoisted timber structure to the road lodging the main room joins a pitched rooftop and screened verandah, a reaction to the neighborhood character. The center structure joins living ranges on the lower floor and kids’ rooms on the upper floor. Rooms have interconnecting ways to change these spaces from rest to a vast play region that looks over and join with the lower patios. The back structure adjacent pool is a retreat space that can be utilized as office, library or space to host seeing relatives.

Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-06 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-07 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-08 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-09 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-10 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-11 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-12 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-13 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-14 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-15 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-16 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-17 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-18 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-19 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-20 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-21 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-22 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-23 Oxlade-Drive-House-by-James-Russell-Architect-24

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