Paterson 3 Residence comprises 2 corner terrace units in Singapore by AR43 Architects

Paterson 3 Residence comprises 2 corner terrace units in Singapore by AR43 Architects

Architects: AR43 Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2015
Area: 3,046 and 3,369 ft²/ 283 and 313 m²
Photo courtesy: Albert Lim KS

Paterson 3 comprises 2 corner terrace units. Whilst sited inside of a mobile separation to the Orchard Road, every unit is wonderfully arranged inside of a quiet, soothingly covered up away sanctuary along Lengkok Angsa.


The outline stresses on the connection between indoor/outside, using full stature glass windows and expansive sliding boards. The play of components between the timber cladding, all encompassing glass and dull hued metal ties this enclave together into a contemporary workmanship enlivened façade. The configuration of every unit includes clean characterized lines, and an open-design with yard space. This takes into consideration bottomless tropical daylight to channel into the living spaces. Each of these spaces that were being dispensed figures out how to hold the securities of its clients.


The patio/water-highlight were composed into the unit’s format, bringing about a move break between the front and the back spaces. This made the open door for venturing stones and fun loving extension association inside of the yard’s void. The rooftop patio is fundamental in pleasing the development of highlighted trees as well as to permit open air living spaces under the look at stars and its urban scene.


The extensive cantilevered rooftop over the yard offers normal light to infiltrate the 3 story profound open spaces underneath while as yet giving safe house. The yard spaces are secured at the top with covered glass and separated by aluminum trellis giving haven from the down pour but permitting pleasant light to feed the green divider along the gathering divider and highlighted tree underneath.


Regular timber cladding, suspended scaffolds, green dividers, rooftop garden and water-features were coordinated inside of the venture, planned to open up the energizing tropical living inside of a tight urban environment.

Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-05 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-06 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-07 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-08 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-09 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-10 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-11 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-12 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-13 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-14 Paterson-3-Residence-comprises-2-corner-terrace-units-in-Singapore-by-AR43-Architects-15

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