ASIA Residence in the south of Lima by Jorge Marsino Prado

ASIA Residence in the south of Lima by Jorge Marsino Prado

Architects: Jorge Marsino Prado
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2014
Area: 3,261 ft²/ 303 m²
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano Ojasi

This second home undertaking pointed especially at recreation and associating in one of the shoreline condominiums south of Lima, represented the test of serious provisional home and the chance to reinterpret an authentic model: Maison Domino by Le Corbusier.


The building principles for the little semi separated part of 15×8 meters amidst a simulated desert spring, just permitted the development of single story house in addition to a rooftop patio to guarantee the pleasure in the “vital delights”: sun, space, vegetation and the perspective over the desert scene between the Isle of Asia and the seaside foothills of the Andes.


The recreational utilization of the house by clients and visitors amid the late spring weekends stands out from negligible use amid whatever is left of the year, so the system stratification ought to encourage the restricted way of the undertaking: External amid summer and private amid winter. In this manner, the extent of open spots are dispersed progressively in the extended mode from the rooftop porch to the storm cellar, with the main floor as moderate level lodging a base room range for its legitimate operation in a conservative mode.


The area of the part, a long way from the shoreline and encompassed by a woods, gives some characteristic protection to its tenants, which permitted us to extend more prominent straightforwardness in its fenced in areas, more steady with the open character of its proprietors and the need an aloof warm administration framework that goes through daylight and ventilation control of the solid mass.


The sane expression that passes on the adjusted request of the structure of iron sections and pillars and helped solid pieces, and also the optional cladding components, are adjusted with the natural articulation of the winding staircase. This vertical course component becomes the dominant focal point interestingly, as an object of idyllic response of ocean side reverberation. A counterpoint between the orthogonal and the twisted.

ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-05 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-06 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-07 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-08 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-09 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-10 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-11 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-12 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-13 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-14 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-15 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-16 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-17 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-18 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-19 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-20 ASIA-Residence-in-the-south-of-Lima-by-Jorge-Marsino-Prado-21

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