St Kilda East Family Home by Taylor Knights

St Kilda East Family Home by Taylor Knights

Architects: Taylor Knights
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Area: 2,476 ft²/ 230 m²
Photo courtesy: Fraser Marsden

The configuration target of St Kilda East House was to make a family home that permitted and spoke to through its manufactured structure, two eras easily living respectively with a parity of security and family cooperation. The house expected to work as a run of the mill family home with levels of security and closeness suitable to shared living.


We needed our configuration and the dialect of the task to speak to these distinctive expressions in period and way of life of the customers through materiality and structure. This system considered the juxtaposition of components such as the steel narrows window (road confronting) against its legacy setting and the reasonable depiction between the kitchen mass and its external dividers as it expanded upwards into the void over.


Shared spaces were commended, migrating them into the heart of the house, framing the union between the two private zones. Above we set a substantial twofold stature void, sky facing windows and a bended roof to celebrate this cohabitation.


Because of the unassuming spending plan we utilize financially savvy materials and building items in sudden ways. Pegboard was utilized as an element all through the stairs void while off the rack sky facing windows were coupled together above.


We worked intimately with conventional exchanges. Amazed brickwork to catch light, crude steel was hand cleaned with curing operators. Bespoke furniture, for example, the eating table, side tables and cupboards where all particularly plan with metal itemizing and shading to suit the house.

St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-05 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-06 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-07 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-08 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-09 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-10 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-11 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-12 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-13 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-14 St-Kilda-East-Family-Home-by-Taylor-Knights-15

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