Stylish combination of new textures and materials with old elements of this historic apartment in Warsaw, Poland

Architects: Nasciturus Design
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2017
Photo courtesy: Hamish Cox

“Our apartment is in a historic building, it is the dream of every interior designer. We really lucked out! Beautiful, bright rooms with incredibly high ceilings, and the brave, innovative project – not every client agrees, after the extravaganza, which no doubt is having in the bedroom glassed shower and tub.

The project played a major role for us. Lots of white, gently confronted with black accents, glazing, brick and marble, furniture and accessories. The overall supervision of the implementation was a big challenge for us too. The apartment required drastic changes, and old building can surprise a builder or designed in many ways. The investor had also high demands on the aesthetics of interior finishing materials and functional solutions, which in the end, managed to combine perfectly.”

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