2 Security Upgrades for Luxury Homes

2 Security Upgrades for Luxury Homes

Regardless of the type of home you have, your security in your home is absolutely essential. However, if you live in a luxury home, chances are, you have some nice stuff in your home that you want to protect in addition to securing your safety. Unfortunately, some thieves are thinking the same thing, too.

For that reason, many luxury homeowners choose to take extra precautions in terms of security upgrades for their homes.

If you are feeling a bit vulnerable and looking for ways to tighten up your home’s security, here are some upgrades you can consider adding to your luxury home today to make sure that your safety and the security are completely uncompromised:


#1: Invest in a Smart Home Surveillance Camera 

Security cameras are a great way to deter intruders into your home, and some of the latest models feature smart technology to help go the extra mile to protect your home. Such devices include Amazon Cloud Cam, Netgear Arlo Pro, Nest Cam IQ, Ring Spotlight Cam, and more.

These devices all have their own differences, but for the most part, their purpose is to keep watch over your home and alert you on your cell phone if anything odd occurs.

You can also remotely check on your home whenever you like, for instance if you have been hearing about an increase of burglaries in your area, or if you are expecting a delivery.

These devices are also especially helpful to keep an eye on people who are supposed to be in your home to make sure they’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. Do you have a cleaning service come by when you’re at work, or some other in-home service provider? You can keep an eye on them using this smart technology and make sure that nothing goes missing or they don’t do anything they shouldn’t be.

Also, ever wonder what your dog or other furry friend does while you’re away? One additional bonus of having one of these installed in your home is that you can finally see what Fido gets up to while you’re out.


#2: Self-Locking Doors


Do you often find yourself wondering if you remembered to lock the door?

In many cases, crooks who come into your home don’t even break in. Instead, they simply take advantage of doors that have been left unlocked. With smart locks, the technology automatically locks behind itself so you don’t need to worry about intruders breaking in as a result of forgetfulness.

One of the biggest fears prevents homeowners for buying into this technology is the fear that you’ll realize you left your keys inside the moment the door shuts behind you, leaving you no way back in.

Luckily, manufacturers have thought of that too. Many of the smart locks on today’s market feature options with a keypad where you can enter a code to unlock the door and get back inside even if you’ve forgotten your keys. So, you can prevent yourself from locking yourself out of your home while simultaneously upgrading your home’s security in one go.

If you’re not handy, don’t think that you have to do it all on your own either! To make sure that your lock works perfectly, you can always seek the help of a professional. You can get help installing a wide array of different smart locks in your home with the help of your local Locksmith Redditch.


The Verdict 

Safety should always be your number one priority. Especially when it comes to your home, your security should be taken very seriously.

With these upgrades in place, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that not only you, but also your family and valuables, are safe from harm behind your home’s doors. In addition, you can feel safe and comfortable leaving your home unattended for extended periods of time because your home will have been thoroughly secured against theft and break ins.

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