Back in Black by 23bassi: spacious contemporary apartment located in Milan

Back in Black by 23bassi: spacious contemporary apartment located in Milan

Architects: 23bassi
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2017
Photo courtesy: Marco Curatolo

Back in black – If you like classic houses this is not for you


Geometries. Sharp and clear, to give the rooms a clear and recognizable identity, the volumes are enriched by the movement of the materials, the surfaces are broken and become three-dimensional.

To the ground.  The floor is in oak in the first patina, that is an ancient wood recovered and left to age in the air to have this special color that changes a lot from slat to stave.

Lights. They are very important, they have been combined with structural and architectural lights of decorative lights of great effect and scenography.

Bathrooms. 4 are the bathrooms and each one with a strong personality. Above all, the bathroom stands out, a real room inside which is placed a triple shower, a mini-pool, the area with two totem stone sinks and the separate toilet area via a door.

The house is very large and was chosen not to segment it in many environments but to let it breathe, while defining each area with a different function, especially in the living area.

The entrance with the large wardrobe, the relaxation and reading area, with the speakers to listen to high-definition music, the TV area, the bench with the fireplace, the dining room and the study: if desired, through movable and transformable elements , they can all be communicating visually, and if necessary, screen them and make them more defined.

The use of adjustable slat diaphragms, custom made by the carpenter, has allowed the creation of spaces that can be modified over time or several times in the same day.”

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