JC House by JPS Atelier

JC House by JPS Atelier

Architects: JPS Atelier
Location: Dafundo, Cruz Quebrada, Portugal
Year: 2015
Area: 6,207 sqft / 585 sqm
Photo courtesy: João Morgado

Situated in one of the most elevated focuses in Oeiras, Portugal, with a perspective over the Tejo waterway and the Atlantic sea, this house depends on a trapezoidal landscape which shaped the idea for the making of this undertaking.


The landscape qualities and client necessities started two principle amazed volumes yet superbly adjusted as far as possible convey a sure element to the house in the meantime shields it from the north and northwest winds.


Concentrated on to exploit the atmosphere and topographical area is south-bound totally with vast coated ranges and galleries ignoring the magnificent perspectives.

JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-03 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-04 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-05 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-06 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-07 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-08 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-09 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-10 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-11 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-12 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-13 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-14 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-15 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-16 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-17 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-18 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-19 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-20 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-21 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-22 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-23 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-24 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-25 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-26 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-27.1 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-27 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-28 JC-House-by-JPS-Atelier-29

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