All the Cushions I Adore

All the Cushions I Adore

I love cushions! Anyone who has been into my home will undoubtedly know that this is true—namely because I have them in every room except the bathroom and, to be honest, if I could find bathroom-appropriate ones made with microbial material I would probably buy them. But, moving on. If you love them as much as me—or you’re just a homeowner (or apartment owner!) who wants to start using some cushions to liven up your home, then read on to find out more about all the cushions that I adore.

Large Cushions

These are great for sitting against the back of your sofa or a particularly large chair. One of the great things about large designs is that they look wonderful no matter what color or pattern they use. A large cushion in a beautiful blue color can look vibrant against a more muted color couch, while one with an interesting pattern and texture can add a pop of appeal to an otherwise boring living room.

One note about large sizes: make sure that they fit into the designated space with some room on the side to spare! Nothing looks worse than one “curled up” at the ends from not fitting properly.

Small Cushions

These can be just as wonderful as their large counterparts—and they are also more versatile thanks to their smaller size. Since small sizes don’t take up as much room, you can get away with much busier patterns. Don’t be afraid to really go wild with a vibrant color or cool pattern when using small cushions.

Colorful Cushions

We’ve mentioned color before, but I’d like to take moment to stop and reflect on why colorful cushions are such a great choice when it comes to your home. Adding color is one of the best ways to make your home reflect your personal style—whether that style involves adding a pastel pink for a softer look or a dark purple for an elegant appeal. You can find styles in all colors and tones, ranging from muted and subtle to vibrant, bold and striking.

Modern Cushions

If you want to steer away from that stereotypical “grandma couch” look, you’re in luck: there are plenty of modern designs that will give you all the appeal without the fussy patterns or floral prints. Modern cushions tend to come in sleeker colors like greys, blacks and shades of brown or even green; they also tend to have a more simplistic look, as well as more flat lines and styles that give them something of an edge.

Where to Buy Cushions

One of the best things about buying cushions is that they’re everywhere! In addition to snagging finds from secondhand stores, you can shop online where there’s a wide range of options for any budget and style. Just remember to have an idea of what cushions you’d like to look for before you shop because be aware you could spend hours browsing their great selections!

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