Make a Small Condo Feel Bigger: 5 Easy DIY Design Ideas for Small Units

Make a Small Condo Feel Bigger: 5 Easy DIY Design Ideas for Small Units

In metropolitan areas, condominiums are a common sight. Most of the people working in urban areas prefer to live in condominiums that are close to the places where they work. In many ways, it decreases the costs of living, and the travel time to and from work is cut short, so it is beneficial for the employees to get a condominium close by. Still, choosing a  condominium as your home has its drawbacks. We all know how expensive some condominium units can be and frankly, some of them are not even worth the price. While there are still some condominiums that offer fair prices for good units, we cannot help but compare the spacious houses in regular subdivisions to the studio-type design of condominiums.

Even so, there are many ways to transform your condominium into a home with spacious areas and for a more comfortable feeling, if you know how to optimize each square unit that you are living in. There are many appliances and furniture that can save space and can also help you organize your belongings, In this article, we will discuss these space-savers and how you can make them on your own and use these in your condominium units to create a better ambiance and a more spacious area to live in. 

  1. Bunk Beds

Many families have faced a common problem when settling in a condominium unit: lack of bed space. When you have a family of five, with three kids, it usually means you need three beds for each one of your children and a single bed already takes up so much space in a condominium unit. To deal with this problem, several families have resorted to the classic solution: bunk beds! Yes, bunk beds are great for limited spaces and they can also be designed to have some useful, additional functions.

The classic design of a bunk bed is a frame made of wood or steel and it vertically holds two or more beds. Nowadays, designers and carpenters have introduced bunk beds that can double as drawers, cabinets, or even shelves. These storage compartments are strategically placed in the bunk beds such that they do not obstruct the main function of the bed. By using these designs on your condominium, you can save a lot of space for your kids as well as their belongings. 

Easy DIY Design Ideas for Small Units

  1. Folding Surfaces and Tables

Another DIY design ideas for small units would be the folding surfaces. Many designs of tables have shown that it is possible to have a table that slides back to walls. You can also invest in these designs since they will be a great addition to your home. A table that can be slid back into your walls will save a lot of space and will help make your home look more spacious because tables do take up a lot of space.


  1. Transforming Sofas and Couches

Nowadays, couches and sofas are designed so that they can change shape for easier storage or even be transformed into two-person beds. Imagine having a sofa that can be adjusted to accommodate more people at a moment’s notice. This would be a great time-saver and would also gain a lot of compliments from your guests. You can also transform these seaters into smaller configurations in case there is a need for more space in your home.

  1. Wall-Retractable Sofa Beds

On the topic of seating furniture, some sofas are designed to retract back into walls when you need to have more space in your condo or if you need to hide it temporarily. This furniture is also built with a transforming function which allows them to be converted into beds that can accommodate up to two people and can be used as a substitute for a bed frame. It will certainly save you a lot of space in your small condominium unit.


  1. Built-in Wall Cabinets

Cabinets and dressers are also one of the furniture that takes up a lot of space in houses. If possible, you can make indentions in your walls and install built-in cabinets. In this way, you won’t have to worry about your cabinets taking up the limited space in your condo and it will also save you from having to move it around in case you feel like rearranging your furniture.

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