Waverley Residence by Anderson Architecture

Waverley Residence by Anderson Architecture

Location: Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Photo courtesy: Nick Bowers

This project is our most thermally efficient house to date, developed through the use of in house computerised thermal modeling. The house requires very little heating or cooling, utilising passive solar techniques, internal thermal mass and natural ventilation to maintain a comfortable, healthy indoor environment. A challenging aspect, with excessive western exposure and a large existing building to the north, helped define the lofty roof forms which capture northern light.

Waverley-Residence-01 Waverley-Residence-02 Waverley-Residence-03 Waverley-Residence-04 Waverley-Residence-05-1 Waverley-Residence-05 Waverley-Residence-06 Waverley-Residence-07 Waverley-Residence-08 Waverley-Residence-09 Waverley-Residence-10 Waverley-Residence-11 Waverley-Residence-12 Waverley-Residence-21 Waverley-Residence-22 Waverley-Residence-23 Waverley-Residence-24 Waverley-Residence-25

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