Casa Do Lago by Frederico Valsassina Architects

Casa Do Lago by Frederico Valsassina Architects

Architects: Frederico Valsassina Architects
Location:  Aroeira, Portugal
Photos: FG+SG

This house is situated on Aroeira’s home, close to the fundamental pool of the Golf Course. The setting and the volume’s demeanor of the “Lake House” result from the conjugation between the separation to the adjoining parts and the current woods. It was needed a house which could involve the self-sufficiency of diverse spaces – social/private, day/night – with the production of a major porch close to the pool.

Casa-Do-Lago-01Participating of the parcel’s area conditions, whether as far as topographic settings as from its restrains, the house position accentuates the production of overwhelming visual arrangements toward the encompassing lake territory. Actually, the administration ranges ensure, deliberately, the social spaces, involving the less good spots of the arrangement.


A circulation space, by the passage, expresses the connection between the private ranges and the social space of the house, underlining the collaboration between the land’s setup and the meaning of the home’s automatic plan.


Wagering still on the progressive move between the inside and the outside, the patio accept itself as a characteristic augmentation of the living zone, advancing the steady dialog with its surroundings and the adaptability in the appointment of the diverse proposed spaces. Then again, the decision of the materials, appropriate from the locale, stresses afresh the rich for the incorporation of the house in the particular connection of Aroeira’s urbanization.


Casa-Do-Lago-03 Casa-Do-Lago-04 Casa-Do-Lago-05 Casa-Do-Lago-06-1 Casa-Do-Lago-06 Casa-Do-Lago-07 Casa-Do-Lago-08 Casa-Do-Lago-09 Casa-Do-Lago-10 Casa-Do-Lago-11 Casa-Do-Lago-12 Casa-Do-Lago-13 Casa-Do-Lago-14 Casa-Do-Lago-15 Casa-Do-Lago-16 Casa-Do-Lago-17 Casa-Do-Lago-18 Casa-Do-Lago-19 Casa-Do-Lago-20 Casa-Do-Lago-21 Casa-Do-Lago-22 Casa-Do-Lago-23 Casa-Do-Lago-24 Casa-Do-Lago-25 Casa-Do-Lago-26 Casa-Do-Lago-27 Casa-Do-Lago-28 a> Casa-Do-Lago-32Casa-Do-Lago-33Casa-Do-Lago-34Casa-Do-Lago-40Casa-Do-Lago-41Casa-Do-Lago-42Casa-Do-Lago-43Casa-Do-Lago-44Casa-Do-Lago-45Casa-Do-Lago-46Casa-Do-Lago-47Casa-Do-Lago-48

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