Dalvey Road House by Guz Architects

Dalvey Road House by Guz Architects

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Patrick Bingham Hall and Guz Architects

The client, inspired by her visit to Fallingwater, sought out Guz Architects for a tropical interpretation on a challenging triangular site with sloping terrain and a narrow entrance.


This house is very much in keeping with the spirit of Fallingwater, whose design seamlessly integrates nature into the home.


Just as Fallingwater’s stair shaped cantilevers emphasized its horizontality, Guz used the different levels to stratify the different generations of the family living under one roof.

Dalvey-Road-House-03 Dalvey-Road-House-04 Dalvey-Road-House-05 Dalvey-Road-House-06 Dalvey-Road-House-07-1 Dalvey-Road-House-07 Dalvey-Road-House-08 Dalvey-Road-House-09 Dalvey-Road-House-10 Dalvey-Road-House-11

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