Casa do Sol by David Guerra Architecture and Interior

Casa do Sol by David Guerra Architecture And Interior

Architects: David Guerra Architecture And Interior
Location: Condomínio Villa Castella, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Year: 2011
Photos: Jomar Bragança

Belo Horizonte-based studio David Guerra has planned The Casa do Sol for a couple with two kids and grandchildren. Finished in 2011, this single story contemporary home is situated in the Condomínio Villa Castella, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Casa-do-Sol-01 Casa-do-Sol-02 Casa-do-Sol-03 Casa-do-Sol-04 Casa-do-Sol-05 Casa-do-Sol-06 Casa-do-Sol-07 Casa-do-Sol-08 Casa-do-Sol-09 Casa-do-Sol-10 Casa-do-Sol-11 Casa-do-Sol-12 Casa-do-Sol-13 Casa-do-Sol-14 Casa-do-Sol-15 Casa-do-Sol-16 Casa-do-Sol-17 Casa-do-Sol-18-1 Casa-do-Sol-18-2 Casa-do-Sol-18 Casa-do-Sol-19-1 Casa-do-Sol-19-2 Casa-do-Sol-19 Casa-do-Sol-20-1 Casa-do-Sol-20 Casa-do-Sol-22 Casa-do-Sol-23-1 Casa-do-Sol-23 Casa-do-Sol-25 Casa-do-Sol-26 Casa-do-Sol-27 Casa-do-Sol-28 Casa-do-Sol-30 Casa-do-Sol-31

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