Villa V in T by Beel & Achtergael Architects

Villa V in T by Beel & Achtergael Architects

Architects: Beel & Achtergael Architects
Location: Flanders, Belgium
Year: 2009
Photos: Filip Dujardin

The client needed a house where he could unwind in quiet and protection among his family and companions and make the most of his broad craftsmanship gathering. The site for the building is on a blended vernacular private/light mechanical road near the customers organizations workplaces. While the general surroundings at the back of the plot are rural and offer a peaceful point of view, there is extensive activity at the front.


In this task we hence attempted to make “somewhat world all alone” by organizing all home quarters on the ground floor fit as a fiddle around an outdoors patio. Within this shape a ceaseless glass divider opens the liberal dissemination and lounge rooms to this “heart”, the social center of the house. Intended for simple living, it arrives that visitors are welcome to appreciate the light, space and craftsmanship.


To the outside the dividers of the building are for the most part shut on the other hand: smooth surfaces of white plasterwork, just inadequately punctuated with expansive windows where required for the more close rooms that support the straightforward inward space. The primary floor is saved for business and recreational withdrawal: discrete volumes house an office and a media room and offer shape to the outline of the house, their unmistakable windows getting north light and looking over the encompassing fields.


Villa-V-in-T-04-1 Villa-V-in-T-04 Villa-V-in-T-06-1 Villa-V-in-T-06 Villa-V-in-T-07 Villa-V-in-T-08-1 Villa-V-in-T-08-2 Villa-V-in-T-08 Villa-V-in-T-09 Villa-V-in-T-10-1 Villa-V-in-T-10 Villa-V-in-T-11-1 Villa-V-in-T-11-2 Villa-V-in-T-12 Villa-V-in-T-14 Villa-V-in-T-15 Villa-V-in-T-16-1 Villa-V-in-T-16 Villa-V-in-T-23 Villa-V-in-T-31-1 Villa-V-in-T-31 Villa-V-in-T-32 Villa-V-in-T-33 Villa-V-in-T-34 Villa-V-in-T-35 Villa-V-in-T-36 Villa-V-in-T-37 Villa-V-in-T-38 Villa-V-in-T-39 Villa-V-in-T-40

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