Under Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects

Under Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects

Architects: Herbst Architects
Location: Piha North, New Zealand
Photos: Patrick Reynolds

The site with which we were exhibited was amazingly testing in that it was 90% secured in adult pohutukawa trees, the site being a piece of a nonstop belt of woodland that edges the street along the shoreline front.


The circumstances not so quite permitted, but rather managed a touchy idyllic reaction to a building that, keeping in mind the end goal to exist would require the devastation of an extensive number of full grown trees.To do this we looked to the trees themselves to give us the signals that we required.


We isolated the brief freely into private and “open” parts, giving us littler individual masses with which to explain the structures. The private elements of rooms and carport are housed in two towers which are interpreted as crisply sawn stumps of the trees that were uprooted. To insinuate the bark of the stumps the skins of the towers are clad in dark/chestnut recolored harsh sawn unpredictable secures. The inside spaces are then seen as cut out of the crisply cut wood, accomplished by specifying all the divider/roof and cabinetry components in the same light timber.


General society space interfaces the two towers and endeavors to connect with the defining so as to encompass pohutukawa woodland a hybrid space between the effective indigenous habitat and the manufactured structure. The plane of the rooftop structure pins off the towers to draw in with the constant tree overhang, breaking down from an unbending plane to a frayed edge which channels light similarly to the leaf shade. The essential structure holding up the rooftop is a progression of tree components which insinuate the trunks and branches of trees however are definite in a thorough geometric course of action which recommends a requesting of nature as it enters and structures the building.


The tallness of people in general space with its light glass division reacts to the stature of the encompassing trees, the rooftop plane is mostly glass to permit the full degree of the trees to be felt as they hang over the building. A walkway connections the towers at the upper level permitting engagement with both the common and man made coverings.

Under-Pohutukawa-03 Under-Pohutukawa-05 Under-Pohutukawa-06-0 Under-Pohutukawa-08-2 Under-Pohutukawa-10 Under-Pohutukawa-11 Under-Pohutukawa-13 Under-Pohutukawa-16 Under-Pohutukawa-31 Under-Pohutukawa-32 Under-Pohutukawa-33 Under-Pohutukawa-34 Under-Pohutukawa-36

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