Davisville Residence by Tofan Interiors

Davisville Residence by Tofan Interiors

Architects: Tofan Interiors
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Tofan Interiors

Tofan Interiors has recently completed the renovation of an entire house in an residential Toronto neighbourhood .

Davisville Residence-01

Opening spaces for a more generous, contemporary flow, maintaining the linearity of the architecture and the conversion of an unused attic into a multifunctional space for the family were on the wish list of the owners and their two young sons.

Davisville Residence-02

The uncluttered aesthetic was achieved through a deliberate restrained color palette, a sculptural staircase that  becomes the heart of the house ,strong textural contrasts offset  by unexpected materials that add tactile dimensions and softness.

Davisville Residence-03

Lush, sensual rugs and throws, a feature wall in a rustic look that leads from the entry point to the back of the house and a weightless cluster of crystal pendants cascading from the loft were used to create visual interest and delicate tensions.

Davisville Residence-04 Davisville Residence-05 Davisville Residence-06 Davisville Residence-07 Davisville Residence-08 Davisville Residence-09 Davisville Residence-10 Davisville Residence-11

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