5 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

5 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

Are you struggling to keep your house clean and tidy? Does it take up your entire day? No need to worry! This article will help in making this process less of a drag for you. Here are five great daily habits that you should learn and practice every day to keep your home squeaky clean:

Start by Making the Bed

5 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

The very first habit that you should adopt is to make your bed. Yes, it is considered as a waste of time by many. However, it makes a huge difference not only in your cleaning routine but in your mood too. Wouldn’t you like to jump into a made bed at the end of the day? You do not have to follow tutorials and become a perfectionist while making the bed. Just shake out the duvet into a fluffy cloud and fluff up the pillows. This process takes hardly five minutes, and you will be able to notice an instant tidiness in your room. Also, simplify your bedding. Cut out the top sheets and use washable covers. Colours play a huge role in giving the room a neater look. Choose lighter colours with simple patterns for your bedding so that it looks elegant and modern. Do you know what else you need to save your time? Custom assignment writing service – use this to get help from high-class experts for assignment writing. It is one of the best websites that save time for students.


The second most important tip that I can give you when it comes to how to tidy up is to “prioritize”. It is because not all cleaning should be treated as equal. To prioritize the cleaning, you should make a list. Write down numbers from 1-10 or the number of chores you want to perform. Then rank all the chores realistically. In this way, you will be cleaning the most visible parts of your home first and then the small unnoticeable areas. The next time when you are expecting guests, check your list and complete the top priority tasks. These can include cleaning and dusting the guest rooms and bathrooms. I always hated making lists! The moment I made and followed them, I realized that it helps save my time and helps me to stay more focused.

Know Your High Traffic Areas

You should know the high traffic areas of the house along with the prioritization of the tasks. Areas such as the kitchen and lounge should be cleaned regularly. By doing this, you can prevent dust and dirt in other parts of the house, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. The floor should be mopped daily if the house is not fully carpeted. Do make sure that there is a specific spot for you and your family to take off shoes. Try to vacuum the rugs placed in the lounge area daily so that dust does not accumulate.  You can find multiple tips if you search keep home clean”, but this one takes less time and hey it helps you keep the entire house clean.

Use a Weekly Schedule

5 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

Another method of prioritizing is keeping a weekly schedule. In this way, you will be able to do different tasks each day. Monotony is something that we do not want in our lives. So, what you can do is to make an easy schedule with fewer tasks for every day of the week. By doing this, you can cut on time and still have a home that you can enjoy.

An example of a cleaning schedule can be:

  • Monday: 1. Floors 2. Bedrooms
  • Tuesday: 1. Bathrooms 2. Kitchen
  • Wednesday: 1. Lounge 2. Guestroom

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Put Everything Back in its Place

I have seen people who never take their plates back to the kitchen. The bits of food left in the plates rot overnight. It not only results in foul smell but also adds time to your cleaning routine. It would be best if you adopted the habit of taking plates to the kitchen. It will not only cut the cleaning time, but it is one of those clean habits that you should possess. In addition to the plates, always put your clothes away. Please put them in the dryer before they fill the entire house with the sweaty smell. Never forget to fold the freshly done laundry. It will save you time when you are looking for clothes. I suggest that the room should never be left empty-handed. Just do a quick scan and put away anything that is out of place. Trust me when I say this that it will make your life easier.

Bonus Tips on how to keep a house clean and tidy

Here are some bonus tips for you that will help you in taking the cleaning process one step higher:

Get your family involved

It is payback time! Ask your family to put everything back at its place at night. Tell them to take the dishes to the kitchen and put their clothes away. If you have children, now is the time to teach them the clean habits. You can set up a timer for 20 minutes. In this way, you can have a tidy home as you will be sticking with the top priorities. Start by clearing the biggest mess and then afterwards, move towards the smaller things. Over time, you will not have to remind them of these tasks as this will become a habit for them. You will be amazed by the results that you will get when the entire family is involved. It means less cleaning time in the morning and fewer tasks per week.


Decluttering is the only process that will take a more extended period. However, this will help in the long run. You will be able to cut down on the time you have allocated to cleaning. It will also reduce the number of items that you have to clean. For example, you can reduce the number of decoration pieces in the lounge area. It will make it easier to tidy it up as fewer items mean quick dusting. So, go to every room and see for the items that are unnecessary and do not add much to the area. Donate the extra clothes and dishes, or you can resell them online. You can buy some cleaning tools with that money that you make!

Keep a house clean and tidy –  Conclusion

The cleaning process does not have to be tedious and time-consuming. These five habits and the additional bonus tips will help you in organizing your daily routine of cleaning. Though you might not get an award for it, you will be able to enjoy your house to the fullest!

Thank you for reading 5 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

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