Villa Mayavee in Phucket by Tierra Design

Villa Mayavee in Phucket by Tierra Design

Architects: Tierra Design
Location: Phuket, Thailand
Year: 2009
Photos: Chonnasit Sundaranu

Whilst longing for a peculiarity of vision, Tierra’s configuration for a private living arrangement and scene in Phuket exemplifies an assortment of appearing inconsistencies and subtleties; site, brief, encounters and social typologies.


Situated on the west shoreline of Phuket, the site is set inside of the undulating territory of the island, remote from the built up ranges of traveler attempts and inside of a disconnected private home. Whilst summoning all encompassing perspectives of the Andaman Sea and encompassing slopes, the site additionally has a place with a lavish tropical scene delicately settled by the proprietor of the advancement.


The outline mirrors a blend of regulation and region and the limit of the in the middle. The four level “z” molded type of the building is sited amidst the site, making particular spatial encounters.


The improvement home’s stone cobbled porch dividers are stretched out to weave and shape a landing and platform for the living arrangement. With the building raised, a forecourt is made by the scene, visitor building and hoisted living wing.


The section reflection lake shadowed by the living compass above, structures a limit between the forecourt and the scope of the sea past. Limestone clad dividers, with their expressive even jointing pay praise to the excellence and clarity of the ‘s skyline. Deciphering the customary typology of the Thai homes; with independent structures yet having a solidarity overall, the living wing (associated by a glass encased winding staircase from the lake), is unmistakable from the complex. The linearity of the volume, the straightforwardness of the glass nook, light stone inside and the kitchen islands strengthen this customary mentality communicated with advanced explanation.


The neighboring two level visitor wing isolated by patio, is experientially joined with the forecourt scene and encompassing mountains. Perspectives of the are purposefully constrained by confining from inside of its teak clad and screen walled in area. Its’ separateness is a piece of the customer’s brief to give a private house inside of a house. The inside volumes are liberal and very much designated with finely point by point stone floors and dividers and fittings.


Conversely, the expert wing darkened from the passage approach, solidly possesses the region of the scene. Also characterized as a different volume, the main room, study and comforts beneath are communicated as a teak clad upper level on a limestone highlight platform. The stone clad divider cloak a different passage for customer and guests and is communicated with a darker palette of timber and stone. Courtesies likewise incorporate separate living, visitor pleasantries and kitchen.


A rooftop deck got to by an open winding metal and teak staircase is life-changing of the site’s position on the beach front headland.


Taking after the territory of the site, the pool and social spaces are ventured underneath, offering protection from the section however open to perspectives of the . The pool crosses the site keeping in mind liberal in scale, is particularly isolates by its association with the site’s rough outcrops and scene.


From this vantage point, the size of the house turns out to be promptly clear and its falling arranged pathways propose a disclosure of the beach front edge past.

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