The Opposite House Hotel by Kengo Kuma

The Opposite House Hotel by Kengo Kuma

Location: Beijing, China
Photo courtesy: Kengo Kuma

The Opposite House is situated within the large commercial development along the Sanlitun Street in the center of Beijing. The exterior is made entirely with glass curtain wall with green colored silk screen print with the modern interpretation of Chinese lattice screen pattern. The “green glass box” expresses itself as the urban forest in the vibrant street scene of Sanlitun at the same time acts as the veil for the guests staying at the hotel.


The architectural of the hotel was developed from the traditional planning of Chinese courtyard house that encapsulates private quarters with a central courtyard. All the spaces in the hotel evolved around the large central atrium. The seamless spatial sequence can be experienced through series of light screens made with different materials though out the public area to the guest rooms.

Opposite-House-Hotel-01 Opposite-House-Hotel-02 Opposite-House-Hotel-03 Opposite-House-Hotel-04 Opposite-House-Hotel-05 Opposite-House-Hotel-06 Opposite-House-Hotel-07-1 Opposite-House-Hotel-07 Opposite-House-Hotel-08 Opposite-House-Hotel-09 Opposite-House-Hotel-10 Opposite-House-Hotel-11 Opposite-House-Hotel-12 Opposite-House-Hotel-13 Opposite-House-Hotel-14 Opposite-House-Hotel-15-0 Opposite-House-Hotel-15 Opposite-House-Hotel-16 Opposite-House-Hotel-17-0 Opposite-House-Hotel-17 Opposite-House-Hotel-18 Opposite-House-Hotel-19 Opposite-House-Hotel-20-1 Opposite-House-Hotel-20 Opposite-House-Hotel-21

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