Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba

Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba

Architects: Carla Juacaba
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>Photo courtesy:Nelson Kon

The mountain of Freiburg in the Hinterland of the Rio Bonito Lumiar, was the spot decided for the habitation’s development retreat chief of the historical center of oblivious pictures. The waterway’s vicinity has turned into a deciding element for the gathering embraced.


Two thick stone dividers, supporting four metal pillars which bolster the sections and floor covering. The structure’s heaviness appears differently in relation to the compass’ softness, highlighted by two bay windows that different the section over the auxiliary dividers.


On the back divider windows are floor to roof tears that offer congruity to the flat of vertical bay windows.


The house down to the floor is shielded from dampness and climate, and in the meantime permits the stream’s perspective cruising by.

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