31 Blair House by ONG&ONG

31 Blair House by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Location: Singapore
Area: 3,290 sqft
Photo courtesy: Tim Nolan

Numerous notable components were left untouched in the 306 m2 space, holding the site’s authentic embodiment and giving an interesting differentiation to the unit’s cutting edge interior.What recognizes this preservation house from most others is the irregular first floor format, which puts the kitchen and feasting space comfortable passage.


This was done in light of the way that most gatherings revolve around the nourishment, and this course of action permits visitors to calmly blend with their hosts as they cook.Since the house was planned for rental, an impartial shading palette was utilized to supplement the changing tastes between individual occupants. Bamboo is an intermittent subject all through the house, from the forecourt patio nursery to the sand-impacted themes inside.


31 Blair Road is an inventive reaction to the limitations of preservation building, effectively wedding the old with the new to make an enchanting living space.

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