Sunset Plaza Drive Contemporary Residence by GWdesign

Sunset Plaza Drive Contemporary Residence by GWdesign

Architects: GWdesign
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 5,600 sqft / 520 sqm
Photo courtesy: Dana Meilijson

Perched on the incline of Sunset Plaza Drive, you will love, living like a star in this West Hollywood quarter of Los Angeles.


With a stunning Pacific Ocean see that compasses from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, this gem is a space for stimulation. The 5,600+ sq/ft contemporary habitation is equipped with sumptuous completions for an European flare.


Inside Designer Dominic Gasparoly and Architect Khalid Watson of the New York/Los Angeles-based studio GWdesign have created a hot four storied home.


They are demonstrating the old maxim that toning it down would be ideal. The rakish veneer is attentive, chic and sure, without being at all showy or pushing claim.


Driving up the slope, the precise divider with it’s shade welcomes the bystanders, while the straight divider invites guests to go into its principle anteroom. Going through it’s limit is to be transported from earth and into the mists. The moderate outline is warmed up with a rich blend of materials and surfaces.


They offer a tranquil invigoration which serves to cultivate a remarkable vista through the edge less floor to roof windows. White washed, oak wood floors joined with white stone are a brazenly cutting edge touch, however not brutal to the faculties.


The Kitchen is commanded by it’s substantial focus island up and down the all encompassing window, and faces manufactured in cabinetry in an exotic dim recolored oak.


Lit by a divider washer bay window, the stair with it’s in-divider handrail welcomes you to the second (lower) level. The twofold tallness Living room considers an unhampered perspective of the Pacific Ocean.


Also, the over scaled bookshelf is a tribute to scholarly style with its conscientious showcase of books and craftsmanship pieces. The unequivocally differentiating chimney and TV-unit have all the top of the line innovation of the home, behind a dark waxed steel outline. The Master Suite – with it’s his and her stroll in storage rooms, are rendered with a marvel to upgrade the lavishness of the en suite.


Here in the expert shower, Again, all is about the perspective which reflects in the extensive mirror of the smoothly outlined vanity. With it’s detached shower tub the open idea makes a consistent coherence from the indoor to the outside porch. A little secured outside parlor was intended to spend a serene evening in its profound, agreeable banquette.


Whether you’re in the disposition for a work-out in the exercise center, a spa day in the steam shower, sauna, and pool… then again on the off chance that you simply need to veg-out in the expert home theater with a long film…


Living in this house is to be reinvigorated. It is immediately a home for stimulating and a home for Living. The back of the house with it’s flimsy pool deck appears to oppose the slope side.


Like a substantial boat, the white overhung structure could be a tribute to Le Corbusier. GWdesign has created a scene here that outcomes in an undertaking that inspires an uncommon feeling: genuine Emotion. It’s a merited retreat from the whirlwind of Hollywood life.

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