Chongwe River House in Lower Zambezi National Park

Chongwe River House in Lower Zambezi National Park

Location: Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia
Photo courtesy: Chongwe River House

Out of Africa, and out of this world! Chongwe River House is unique; a true one-of-a-kind. Crafted by renowned architect Neil Rocher, this is award-winning safari design at its finest. This stunning private house makes a significant and unique style statement, located approximately 1 km away from Chongwe River Camp on a quiet stretch of the river after which it was named.


Sleeping eight guests in four, huge en-suite bedrooms, Chongwe River House is inspired by the towering spires of termitariums, sprouting almost organically from the ground in a series of flowing curves and bends which evolve into open living spaces. The walls follow the natural lines of the branches used; tree trunks, lianas and branches seem to grow from the walls and blend effortlessly into seating and dining areas.


Beautifully soft colored pebbles from the Chongwe River have been embedded in the ceilings.


The Chongwe area is famous for huge male elephants and from the bedrooms, the sitting room and the deck you will have game in view, feeding, drinking and playing, along and often in, the River.


Chongwe River House has its own safari guide and game viewing vehicle, allowing for exclusive activities to be offered to guests. With a dedicated house manager, a team of chefs and a full complement of support staff, Chongwe River House is perfect for families or groups wanting an exclusive and luxurious safari experience.

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