The Lighthouse 65 by AR Design Studio

The Lighthouse 65 by AR Design Studio

The Lighthouse 65 was declared the winner of the RIBA Downland Prize  in 2012.
Location: Hill Head, Fareham, United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Photos courtesy: Martin Gardner

The Lighthouse is a beachfront property on the south shore of England. It is a super protected, extravagance 3 room house sitting in an excellent water side area getting a charge out of shocking perspectives of the Solent and the Isle of Wight.

A_R_Lighthouse-16The site is encased between two neighboring structures and a 7m high bank toward the north; of which asphalt and road access sits at the top. This entrance, to the rooftop level of the property, and the one-directional perspective over the shoreline, English Channel and Isle of Wight toward the south, has prompted a fascinating configuration which takes motivation from customary shoreline structures, for example, the De La Warr in Bexhill a bit further along the coast.

A_R_Lighthouse-2The outline idea was to boost the building’s width, so every key room appreciates broad perspectives of the vista. All bathrooms and utility spaces keep running at the property’s back, permitting the perspective to be nonstop for every living space. The house sits 7 meters beneath street level with the rooftop going about as a stopping deck for 3 autos. Outwardly the rooftop and floor decks are dangled from the focal solid center, ending in substantial cantilevers that give shade and outside haven to the ground floor.


Galleries and open air settlement are given by even planes precisely cantilevered from a focal access tower which infiltrates the rooftop plane; on of which sits a frameless glass fenced in area giving get to and going about as a beacon. Lighting inside of this fenced in area is activated by a gauge giving immediate data to the shoreline and past. This lit up glass block sits on top of the solid stair center. During the evening the lit glass shines to demonstrate neighborhood climate conditions: green when climate is reasonable and red when environmental weight drops, cautioning passing yachtsmen of conceivable stormy conditions.

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