Diane Middlebrook Memorial Writer’s Residence by CCS Architecture

Diane Middlebrook Memorial Writer’s Residence by CCS Architecture

Architects:CCS Architecture
Location: Woodside, California, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 275 sqft
Photos: CCS Architecture

The San Francisco office of CCS Architecture, headed up by Cass Calder Smith, is finishing the outline and development of four reasonably composed studios for the Diane Middlebrook Memorial Writer’s Residence at the extremely popular Djerassi Resident Artists Program in rustic Woodside (CA). The 4 rest/work houses are canopied with a metal rooftop with sun oriented boards to result in net-zero vitality utilization.

IMG_0022Opening in August 2011, the new structures are intended for month-long residencies by essayists, artists, authors and writers; they will build the program’s ability to bolster specialists by 50 percent.


The studios, measuring 27 by 15 feet and exhibited next to each other under the steel covering, are sited to augment the dynamite setting in the rustic Santa Cruz Mountains disregarding the Pacific Ocean. With outside dividers and inclining rooftop clad in western red cedar sheets, the habitations highlight vast, southwest-confronting sliding glass entryways and private open air spaces. The upper east confronting sides contain clerestory windows calculated towards the encompassing edge lines and trees.

CCS_021_desk Every unit is 275 square feet and incorporates a restroom and straightforward decorations composed by CCS Architecture. The structural engineering firm, which is halfway giving its outline administrations, is supplying floor covering and porcelain shower tiles for the venture, from tests gathered in its office throughout the years. The materials range in shading, example and composition and are being formed in the field to make an alternate plan for every unit.


“We needed to encourage the innovative process additionally make a miniaturized scale group for the scholars inside of the farm,” says Smith. “The lodges are exceptionally private and each has its own particular epic perspective, yet they remain in close closeness under a bringing together rooftop.”


CCS is sticking to the Build It Green program’s built up GreenPoint Rating framework, which is the standard for San Mateo County. While at least 50 focuses is required for new development in the district, the new residency units will surpass a rating of 100 focuses.


About the Djerassi Program

Presently in its 32nd year, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program ( has given more than 2,000 craftsman residencies and as of now serves roughly 90 specialists each year–all for nothing out of pocket. It is the biggest craftsman residency program in the West and is considered among the best in the nation. Stanford University Professor Emeritus Dr. Carl Djerassi and his wife Diane Middlebrook, the essayist and Professor Emerita of English at Stanford, established the Djerassi Program in 1979. The new authors living arrangement is a changeless dedication to Middlebrook, who passed on in 2007.


Djerassi, with his partners at Syntex Corporation, turned into the first to blend a down to earth oral preventative in the mid 1950s. With continues from the ascent of Syntex stock, Djerassi acquired an extensive tract of area in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which he called SMIP (Syntex-Made-It-Possible) Ranch. The farm is currently home to the Djerassi Program. Every year specialists go to the open slopes and profound redwood backwoods of SMIP Ranch to take motivation from the excellent surroundings and look for shelter from the world’s diversions to focus on their imaginative undertaking.

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