CASA AV by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk

CASA AV by María Victoria Besonías, Luciano Kruk

Architects: María Victoria Besonías, Luciano Kruk
Location: Mar Azul, Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area:  1,184 sqft / 110 sqm
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

This work is the consequence of a procedure that started in 2004 with the development of a late spring house in the backwoods of Mar Azul. It spoke the truth mediating in a range of extraordinary characteristic excellence, proprietor of a wild solid vicinity that bit by bit has been trained by the multiplication of developments with a formal rch between a rustic character and pleasantness which not the slightest bit allude to that environment nor to this present.

01The venture was embraced as a chance to propose shapes, materials and option utilizes, in concordance with that specific environment. The rch was then situated towards an intentional structural engineering of a more casual lodging and whose materiality and formalization was the consequence of a longing for fitting in with that previous reality.

05Along these lines the specific’s acknowledgment microclimate of the sea woodland of Mar Azul and the environments it reproduces, and also the need to concrete the development at a separation, were determinants of the stylish productive choices that characterized the work. The need to catch the light that goes through the trees drove us to imagine the house as a “semi secured” and to determine it with huge windows, which give extend periods of time of characteristic light and full incorporation with the view, while from the outside they mirror the favored scene making a house with less vicinity.

08The choice to quicken the helpful stages to permit checking of the work at 400 km away made us pick the uncovered solid as the primary material. The woods’ shadow permits us to utilize this material since it gives the adequate warm protection. The warm molding of the house in winter didn’t make a difference much in light of the fact that it should be utilized as a part of summer; on the other hand, we anticipated a warming framework. The water safe protection was determined by utilizing an extremely conservative concrete and considering the state of the external skin keeping in mind the end goal to reach speedier water seepage. Then again, the shading and composition of the uncovered cement made by wood tables have an in number and mimetic vicinity, so the work is in agreement with the scene.

13Quickly, an external skin made just by two materials – cement and glass-determines the incorporation with the scene and the formal, auxiliary and useful issues separated from the exteriors and the upkeep.

15The 20m x 30m field is situated in the backwoods of Mar Azul and its disposition is a vital and steady incline toward one of its diagonals. The perspectives from the front are ensured by the vegetation, exceptionally bountiful everywhere throughout the property.

20The customer’s request was a house for rent, around 100m2, with a tasteful valuable proposition like alternate houses assembled in the territory by the studio. It was required the essential needs of a mid year house: two rooms, one with private lavatory, an incorporated kitchen and places to be outside.

21The proposition

Forced a materiality and an essential system with no distinction, it was looked for in the plot’s eccentricities the subject to manage the venture. It was then recommended that diverse uses could be situated in distinctive volumes that would be organized normally into the slant. This first choice activated progressive arrangements got from it: the arrangement’s turn in connection to the part’s sides keeping in mind the end goal to coordinate its common incline was thefirst, with this pivot arrangement of the house in east-west heading and, subsequently, the determination of two plainly separated façades.

22The practical association

The pivot additionally decided the entrance from the façade that opens onto the road and the extension spot of the house towards the inverse. The passage to the house was proposed in the focal point of the arrangement, i.e. the incline’s midpoint and at the same level of the segment lounge area, kitchen and open air extension. From that point one climbs to the calmer territories (the rooms) and dives to the zone of examination confronting the chimney.

24The development

The house is developed with two fundamental materials: uncovered cement and glass. The sections of the diverse volumes are bolstered through solid dividers and bars, and were done with a base slant keeping in mind the end goal to create quicker overflow of water. H21 cement was utilized with the expansion of a fluidifiant so that this blend, with little measure of water to solidify, comes about extremely reduced and doesn’t require ling. The couple of inside dividers of empty blocks are done in solid screed; floor fabrics are likewise from solid screed separated with aluminum plates. The openings are of dull bronze anodized aluminum. The warming framework, since there is no regular gas in the region, was determined with a framework that joins a chimney, packaged gas stoves and electric stove.


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