Small House with Floating Treehouse by Yuki Miyamoto Architect

Small House with Floating Treehouse by Yuki Miyamoto Architect

Architects: Yuki Miyamoto Architect
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Masayoshi Ishii

The house is situated in the calm local location in the limit of Central Tokyo. It was based on a great deal measuring 6.5m (21ft) wide and 13m (42.7ft) profound, encompassed by rich greenery including a major old sprightly bloom tree. The house proprietor likes open air exercises, outdoors in a backwoods. In spite of the fact that this building was implicit a urban region, the outline of this house needs to take care of their demand which can react to the open air way of life and feel the progressions of seasons and the climate personally.


Along these lines, the loft has 2 treehouse outline rooms that appear to be coasting over the lounge room. The idea of the configuration is to amplify the utilization of existing normal assets like, Sunlight, Wind and Greenery, to make a solid private environment and not depending a lot on innovation. To make utilization of the common ventilation, high roof is more proper for the hot and damp atmosphere of Tokyo. What’s more, the windows set between 2 treehouse fill the family room with delicate common lighting.


The run of the mill arrangement was twisted like a dogleg, which was intended to confront the enormous old cherry bloom and envelop the rich greenery and admission cool wind from the west. What’s more, in spite of the fact that the territory on the second floor is very little, 35sm, the dogleg shape can give more field and profundity to the space outwardly than a rectangular arrangement. The high roof and the presence of the drifting scaffold can likewise include a vertical region.


The presence of treehouse gives fun play areas to kids as well as a characteristic warm environment. In the meantime, it can make the line in the middle of outside and indoor obscured and it makes an open air like scene, while indoor.

Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-04 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-05 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-06 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-07 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-08 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-09 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-10 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-11 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-12 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-13 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-14 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-15 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-16 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-17 Small-House-with-Floating-Treehouse-by-Yuki-Miyamoto-Architect-18

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