The Rebirth of a Living Space by ROHD

The Rebirth of a Living Space by ROHD

Architects: ROHD
Location: Sin El Fil, Lebanon
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: ROHD

At the solicitation of disappointed tenants—ROHD’s central goal was to restore the private task by assuaging the flat from the poor structure and choice of furniture and supplant it with self-assured polish. ROHD (Roland Helou Design), is the Beirut-based inside engineering and multidisciplinary plan studio that lays on the stylish sensibility and outline mastery of University of the Arts London expert graduate Roland Helou.


With the two difficulties of structure and decision of furniture at the top of the priority list, ROHD imagined a more roomy inside, utilizing mark inventive procedures, for example, the bar added to feasting table, and great ones of utilizing cupboards for capacity to augment space.


Those cupboards are all covered up, masking as wood boards decorating the dividers of the passageway and setting a warm welcome tone. One of those boards serves as a mystery way to the lounge room and rooms zone. Over, a framing interfaces the passageway to the salon, reaching out to half of the last mentioned, and eventually changing into an open library of metal and glass.


Presently, completely in the main salon, the most amazing stack divider that is secured in brushed Spanish Nero Marquina marble remains as a show-stopper. Encompassing the smokestack is dark metal with an outlined belt in metal, giving an atmosphere of warm grandness that is complemented by four Tyria foot stools of various statures and even material: all base in metal and top of either back-painted glass, ink blue, or Palissandro wood. Those tables are ROHD retrofuturistic pieces roused by true to life and medieval religions with vintage mirrors at first glance and a metallic base molded into symmetrical circles and sticks that look like mappings of the particle.


Trinity Side table of the primary wave gathering of RayXander, rests between the library divider and first salon.


Not to be eclipsed, the second salon additionally highlights a ROHD creation, the new Oriane oval table in metal and back-painted glass best, the uniqueness of which lies in its slenderness—and, obviously, the unmistakable effortlessness of the oval shape. Exchanging words the Oriane in this room are two Fauteuil de salon by Jean Prouve, Bidu side table by Baxter, Sultan Dog side table by Ibride, and hued side tables.


The condo gloats ROHD’s most recent configuration development, an eating bar attaching the bar to the feasting table to boost the utilization of space and guarantee simplicity of course. The bar segment is made of dark onyx base, permitting it to be lit during the evening and thus utilized as a lighting component with the magma stone ledge. The bar stools utilized for the bar are the Aski Stools by Baxter. Part of the highest point of the bar reaches out to one end of the eating table, a 320 cm stretch made of palissandro wooden top and dark metal base. For a smooth differentiation, the calfskin break seats from Bross are of a lighter shading. Correspondingly, a ladylike component, a Hawini work of art, ascends behind the dinning bar, standing out from its manly air.


On top of the eating bar is a moment most loved piece. The modified Oberya pendant light is three meters in length and a real bit of craftsmanship that is made of dark metal covering a halfway part of the bar and the eating table. The Oberya emerges as a hanging model and an overwhelming component in a striking setting.


More than a 180 degree change, this ROHD restoration venture utilizes shrewd pieces and outline strategies to inhale another life into what used to be unsuitable inside, breathing life into it back and rendering it deserving of being known as a living space.

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