Lake House in Western Massachusetts by Taylor and Miller Architecture

Lake House in Western Massachusetts by Taylor and Miller Architecture

Architects: Taylor and Miller Architecture
Location: The Berkshires, Massachusetts, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Studio Dubuisson

This living arrangement in Western Massachusetts keeps up a dualistic association with the lake against which it is settled. At the point when seen from the road, the house is unique in structure, demonstrating no opening or cut. As one stages down the strolling way and towards the lake, in any case, the house opens itself up. A solitary stacked timber divider, serving as both holding divider for the scene in which the house is implanted and as an essential fenced in area for the home, gets to be punctured seriously as the home turns towards the lake. A progression of sleeves go about as spatial holes, getting through the timber and permitting the inside spaces to connect with the lake as certain perspectives.


As one travels through one of the sleeves and into the inside of the home, two distinctive spatial introductions are presented – one flat introduction that is characterized by the sleeves watching out to the lake and a vertical introduction that is characterized by the sleeves admiring the sky up to the sky. Each of these sorts of spaces is characterized diversely in their materiality. On account of the spaces situated on a level plane, they are described by nonpartisan tone and materiality.


On account of the spaces arranged vertically, they are portrayed by their perspective of the sky through a bay window gap and serious changes in material; the passage vestibule with stacked plywood, the kitchen with hot-moved steel, and the stair with rusted steel. Traveling through the home, these vertical spaces give a sort of artistic ‘hard cut’ that intrudes on the innovator idea of nonstop streaming space as they present themselves between the flat spaces of more unbiased character.

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